Why the Angels should trade everything for Halladay

  • Trade speculation is fun.
The Angels should trade everything and the kitchen sink to get Roy Halladay.
1.  They are one game behind the AL-East leading Texas Rangers.  It’s reasonable to expect the Mariners to choke and for the Rangers’ pitching to return to the norm for that park.
2.  Ervin Santana and John Lackey.  Blech.  They’ll get better someday, but 2009 won’t be the year.
3.  You have the prospects and the dough to pay for Halladay.
4.  You have two great prospects who are blocked, so their biggest value is as trade pieces.  What more could you get than the 2nd- or 3rd- best pitcher in the majors and have him under your control through 2010?  Need I remind you you’ll get first crack at extending his contract as well.
5.  Your rotation would be:
      • Roy Halladay
      • John Lackey
      • Jered Weaver
      • Joe Saunders
      • Ervin Santana

6.  Pick your favorite three and there’s your playoff rotation.

Here’s why the trade makes sense:
  • Brandon Wood (SS/3B) and Sean Rodriguez (2B/SS) are two young power hitters who are currently blocked by excellent players, Howie Kendrick, Chone Figgins, and Erick Aybar.  One could argue that Wood would be an upgrade over either Kendrick or Aybar, but Kendrick’s talent level coming into the majors will display itself soon, and the Angels would be wrong to not get him every at bat they can.
  • Angels have a couple lower-level pitching prospects to send as well.  They don’t need them right away, and the Angels are one of the few teams with the ability to buy free-agent pitching every year.  Not that they should.  But definitely a few young arms and bats are worth Halladay.
  • In my opinion, the Angels would be come either the favorite or one of the favorites, to win the World Series in 2009 AND 2010 with Halladay and an already-excellent lineup.
  • The Jays’ rotation is deep enough to handle this trade.  Especially when it gets healthy in 2010.  Marcum and McGowan will be back (although McGowan’s injury COULD be career-threatening).  Romero is establishing himself as a real-deal #1.  Brett Cecil shows promise, although his 2009 era is “bleh”.
  • The Jays will lose Scutaro to free agency this season.
  • Rolen is a harsh breeze away from the DL and is getting older anyway.

Hey Riccardi, how does this lineup for 2011 strike you?

RF Alex Rios

2B Aaron Hill

LF Adam Lind

3B Brandon Wood

CF Vernon Wells

DH Travis Snider

SS Sean Rodriguez

C  J.P. Arencibia

1B Lyle Overbay

I would take that lineup for 2011 and for the next five seasons.

How about this rotation?

Ricky Romero

Shaun Marcum

Scott Richmond

Dustin McGowan

Brett Cecil

That’s a highly-competitive rotation of talented pitchers – most of whom will be 2 seasons closer to their prime in a couple years.  They will GAIN skill, not lose it to age.

Blue Jays:  Make this trade!


  1. Inside the Thought Bubble

    Great blog, following the Yankees you get to see Halladay pitch more than most other teams do, and I really think he is seriously underrated. He is, in my opinion, the best pitcher in the AL, second in all of baseball to Lincecum. On a good day, his cut fastball can get out any hitter. I would sell my grandmother to have this guy on the Yankees. Definitely adding Halladay to the Angels would make them extremely dangerous and a favorite in the west even over the Rangers. Young prospects are definitely what the Jays are looking for, with wells and rolen and overbay getting older (even though Rolen has had a great season). It seems the Angles have that part of the deal covered, eh? Again, great blog, very insightful

  2. bjay_fan

    I see where you’re coming from, but if you actually KNEW the Blue Jays…(not just statistics) that Richmond is WAY too weak against left handed batters and Romero gives up too many long balls. This rotation looks good on paper, but I know that injuries plague this team, and without Halladay, no one in this rotation is actually consistent and the lineup looks just pitiful. What we need is a home run hitter no some guy who MIGHT hit home runs in the next five years. Especially since Rios and Wells aren’t performing up to their contracts. BTW I doubt Ricciardi is gonna be with the Blue Jays at the 2011 season he’s the stupidest GM Toronto has ever seen (too cheap)

  3. crperry13

    ‘Inside’, thanks for the compliments. Completely agree that the fit is ideal. Doesn’t mean the trade gets done though.

    ‘9293’, you sound like a disgruntled Jays fan. Which is to say, you sound like me when I talk about my Astros. I do think you’re being a little hard on Richmond and Romero. Richmond isn’t a special pitcher, but he is absolutely at this point a decent option at #4 or #5. He doesn’t have a lot of minor league stats to point at due to his relatively late start, but what numbers he does have are respectable. I think he’s a solid #5 and the Jays would be one prospect or trade away from improving there as well. As for Romero – give the kid a break! This is your point that I disagree with. Romero, in close to the same number of innings, has given up the same or less number of home runs as Jarrod Washburn, Matt Cain, Gil Meche, John Danks, Scott Kazmir (no surprise), Chris Young, Doug Davis, Joba Chamberlain, Wandy Rodriguez, Ricky Nolasco, and Jon Lester! And Romero is a Rookie with a sub-3.00 ERA! You should count your blessings! This kid is going to improve! The Jays will have a good rotation if Marcum and McGowan come back healthy. It doesn’t have the “star power” of Boston or New Yorks, but it does have youth, health, and talent. Last year, nobody knew who the Rays pitchers were. You don’t need to spend a trillion dollars to fix healthcare (oops I mean build a rotation) if you do it the right way. Have patience. Get some more really good young bats and the Jays will be scary for years.

  4. jaysfan90

    I like this trade idea, as a Jays fan. However, I don’t see McGowan or Scott Richmond in our 2011 rotation. Marc Rzepcynski is more likely to be there and possibly Brad Mills/David Purcey fight for 5. Richmond has shown promise as a middle relief guy that can fill in as a spot starter. Also, Snider would be in LF and Lind would still be DH. Snider is better defensively. Overbay may be traded to make room for David Cooper (our 1st round pick in 2008), who is in AA ball right now.

    Now I’ve seen Wood play when I went to a SLC Bees game, he has the ability to be something special and a great replacement for Rolen. Thats the kind of player I would want in return for Halladay. Sean Rodriquez would be nice to have too.

    For Halladay, it would make sense because he is the kind of guy that the Angels seem to want. Great player with heart that also does great things for the community. I’ve widely thought that if he did hit free angency, he’d sign there.

  5. mattwest

    I think it’s a stretch to say that Lackey won’t have a good rest of the season, as he is already showing signs of his old self in his last few starts. Also, Howie Kendrick is far from excellent, but I do like the package of players. Hopefully we don’t have to part with Weaver or Aybar, and i’d be all for a trade to bring us Halladay. Great Blog! Check mine out if you can:

  6. crperry13

    Carter, I think that McGowan will still get his chance. He showed good ability when he was healthy, and the Jays won’t want to commit to a Romero-Rzepcynski-Purcey back end of the rotation immediately. Too much risk involved. I can see a situation where McGowan and Marcum follow Halladay in the rotation next season, with Romero alongside. The 5th spot will be up for grabs based on the end of this season and spring training. Guys with options (especially guys whose arbitration clocks haven’t started yet) will wait at AAA and hone their skills. A midseason Halladay trade makes sense in 2010, and those guys will have better experience for having made many starts at AAA. I still think Wood or Rodriguez would have made sense for Toronto, and especially now that Rolen is gone. Maybe next year.

    Matt, don’t put your nose up in the air over Kendrick. He’s had more bad luck in the past three seasons than any player I can remember. Baseball Prospectus still ranks him as the #1 talent on the team aged 25 or under (per beginning of the season), and he’s hitting well over .350 since the ASB. I like this guy, give him a chance. I didn’t assert that Lackey won’t be good the rest of the season, but it’s undeniable that he was pretty bad for the first half. Looks like the Angels are coming around. They still really need to give Wood his shot. It is a crime that he’s not an everyday player. Hard to get a feel for the majors when you get 3 AB in two weeks.

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